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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ sets PH release date to January

Warner Bros. has unveiled the new global release dates for Wonder Woman 1984. After months of scheduling and rescheduling due to the global pandemic,...

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The Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc launches science-oriented TV show ‘Mind S-Cool’

Batibot. Sineskwela. ATBP. The Philippines has a rich history of children’s television, educating generations of viewers who have since gone on to be the...

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Nerd Rage Weekly: JUGS JUGUETA

Do you know that The Itchyworms' Jugs Jugueta was one of the early Alamat Comics creators? You see him every lunch time, so why...

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Nerd Rage Weekly talks to BvS/Justice League/Iron Man stuntman RICHARD CETRONE

NERD RAGE WEEKLY returns after a four-week hiatus! We'll be having another guest from Stateside: stunt performer and actor RICHARD CETRONE. You've seen him...

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Nerd Rage Weekly: The Ghost Fighter Special!


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